Geek? Geek? How dare you!

by Ben on September 5, 2003 · 1 comment

in Sci-Tech

Geek?  Geek?  How dare you!

Seriously.  I’m not one of those weirdos that runs around talking about how cool of a geek they are (although I must admit that one of my favorite shirts is “There are only 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary numbers and those who don’t”) but I can’t with a straight face say I’m not a geek. 

As for iTunes, I’ve never used it.  It looks kewl in the screenies and all, but… whatever.  I can’t see that it’s an application I’m really missing.

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  • Bayuss

    heh,i’m about as geek as the star quarterback of my highschool football team. even have to use a text-to-binary converter to “play a geek on tv”. and i DO use far have spent about $800US on them,gathering together some of the gems from my past that can’t be found (or requested) from other sources. don’t have an Ipod,either,though,so what i get has to be burned then ripped back to a free standard for use in my other toys.

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