November 2003

Puppet + Dog + Insult = teh funny

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Yes, it’s juvenile humor, but I just love Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.  This made me laugh… and then feel a bit guilty for having laughed.  Enjoy.

btw, what is this “Thanksgiving” I keep hearing about?  Explain, Drew.  You see, I’m just a… Caveman…”


Honesty in Personals..not always a good idea

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Now, I have quite the Asian girl fetish, but “defects” in the freezer might be just a weeee bit too strange.

“Sure baby doll, lots of room in my freezer for your defects.. what’s that?  Coffee?  oooh, sorry, I’m not a coffee drinker.  I don’t think this is going to work out…”


We hate you too, Davion

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Of course Kansas City, MO hates you. You live in Kansas! You have all the money and are killing our good, down home economy! Now give us some more cash so we can build yet another stadium which will of course completely revitalize our downtown. No really it will.

I have news! for those of you that don’t know, I have an abdominal hernia from my zyphoid (sp?) process (the spot where your ribs and breast bone “peak” – the very top of your abs) to my navel. On Dec. 1 I have a doctor appt where I should be scheduling surgery to get it fixed! Finally! I’ll let you know when once I know, but it will be before Christmas.


in other news, Apple is stealing it’s employee’s code. Apparently, Apple thinks that even if you work at home on your own computer, they can still 0wn your shit.


I freakin’ knew it.  This city is killing me!  Now we have proof.  Look at the score for Kansas City.  I am so outta here!

Healthiest cities in America

Notice that we got a freakin F on health.  Oh, how I hate thee, Kansas City.


Interesting facts – about the modern women

Here are some interesting facts and figures from the U.S. Census Bureau:

*Women who live in metropolitan areas and are affluent are more likely to be childless.

*More than 47 percent of women who make more than $75,000 a year have no children.

*40 percent of those who make less than $20,000 are childless.

*More than 50 percent of Asian-American women are childless.

*Latinas are the most likely ethnic group to have children.

I would have to make an Darwinian assumption that smarter (or more aggressive) women are breeding (or not breeding) themselves out.  Of course it’s a pretty assumption, but it does say affluent and 75 thousand plus.


Baby, baby.

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Sick as heck, got some nasty bug.  Too bad, right before I goto Vegas. (Comdex)

Anyways, found this video making it’s way around the internet.  Courtesy of the comedy channel.

Baby and doll

I recommend you right click and do save as


Whoa bubba.  The consipracy deepens.  Bush actually using an ancient law to go after Greenpeace.  Unbelievable. takes hard line on Greenpeace

Bush critics say use of obscure law smacks of retribution


A quick note

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Drew, I found a game that’s right about your speed.


Honey, I gotta boo boo.

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Can I suckle on your boob?

Breast-feeding promotes wound healing


Brilliance in marketing.

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Why truth in advertising pays off: