PSA: Boobie Style

by Davion on November 12, 2003 · 1 comment

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I think it might interest you and your readers to know that the Breast Cancer Site ( is having trouble getting enough clicks per day to donate one mammogram per day. It costs nothing, and only takes a few seconds of your time (and everyone else’s) to go there and click on the pink ribbon, which will, in turn, spur advertisers to give money to donate mammograms to those in need of them.

Mammograms, as you probably know, are tests that involve smashing and squishing flat of the boobie itself in order to detect lumps at their earliest stages, and thus giving the woman time to do what is necessary to save her boobies from cancer. This is what we women go through to save our boobies so that you have something to hold onto at night. Also we do it to save our own lives.

So if you really like boobies (and I know you do), please take a moment to post this in your blog. Thanks from all us gals.

— Michelle ‘Hermetic Leg Elm’ Megret

Can’t say no to that —JC

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  • Kwyjibo5000

    I’ve already ordered my 10.  I’ll wear them until I can give the rest out.

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