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Another new idea from Transmuto Blog Industries!!!

Has the same old reality television got you down, but you just can’t get enough of it? Are you looking for something new and exciting? Well prepare to have your asses blown out by the hottest, deadliest, and most exciting reality show ever to glaze over your eyes! Yes it’s another eXXXtreme new product from TBI: BATTLE ROYALE : KITTEN APOCALYPSE!!! We find the youngest, cutest, most innocent kittens you ever did see and drop them off on Domokun Island off the coast of Japan for 24 hours of hair-raising, nail-biting terror! No weapons, no food, nothing but a kitten’s innate sense of frolic and play to stave off two genetically altered, pyschopathic Domokun intent on kitten kibbles and bits! Get ready, America! Get ready for the APOCALYPSE!!!

(Sundays on PAX)

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