Marissa Marchant: pt 1

by The Good Reverend on December 3, 2003 · 3 comments

in Stupid People

You too can own the musical song stylings of up and coming Marissa Marchant for the introductory offer of $1000 for her cd!  Says Ms. Marchant ($450 to use her first name when quoting):

“This is how much music should be worth, if there is talent there. They are cheapening music and talent, by selling it like it is fried chicken at kfc. I am not one dimentional [sic].  I am a singer, arranger, producer, and multi instruemntalist [sic].”

No you are not 1-“dimentional”, love.  You offend me in so many ways.  By the way, I would be glad to tutor you in spelling.  $30000 per 1 hr session.  You see, this is how much spelling should be worth.  People like kfc with their Drive-“Thru” signs.  They’re cheapening spelling.  I am a speller…

thanks for the weightlifter photo, Jae.. just finished dinner.  That guy is so positive about it though.  I read a quote from him:  “It is great!  I shake hands with people in front and in back of me!  At same time!”

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  • The Good Reverend

    Okay, these are all the same person, since all the comments are around the same time, and all with very poor command of the English language.

    Who are you?  I am interested to know if you are real or just having me on.  As to why I don’t post my real name – if you are not just joking around, then you are slightly scary.  I don’t post my name because of mentally unstable people such as yourself.

    Regardless of whether you are a certified nut case or just having fun with this, I would like to thank you for the highly enjoyable comments!

  • The Good Reverend

    btw, Senor(ita) Crazy, I have a new post about her that perhaps you’d like to comment on.. here

    If you do actually have contact with her, please let her know that we want to talk with her.  Despite what you think, I actually like the girl.  Not in a weird, masturbate in her bushes kinda way like yourself, but like her nonetheless.

  • Oraxis

    I find that my words of wisdom have fallen upon deaf ears.  Marissa took “the blue pill”, and then she had some absynth as a chaser.

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