Marissa Marchant: pt 2

by alphamonkey on December 3, 2003 · 0 comments

in Stupid People

Oh, Marissa!

Thanks for the link, Justin. I now have a new mortal enemy. Here’s a choice bit from her bio Marissa is mostly spending time recording, but will perform for an appreciative audience, who realizes the value of art, not commericalism. So basically she’ll perform for Noam Chomsky and/or Rick Wakeman.

Marissa enjoys using ethereal-type voicings and unusual chordal structures on both the piano and guitar. Her voice is a very strong part of her musical expression. Oh, as opposed to the rest of us whose vocals merely sully up the mix? I wish that Al Green bastard would have realized that his pipes were just getting in the way. Oh, and those unusual chord structures? According to my chord finder program, C, G, D, E, Em, Am, and F aren’t particularly unusual chord shapes.

People wonder why I’m so gawdamn angry all the time. From now on, I’ll just direct them to Ms. Marchant’s website. She’s got the kind of attitude that makes me want to stab her in the throat just to see the expression on her face.



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