Underage Whores: The new Sims add-on!

by Ben on December 15, 2003 · 0 comments

in Stupid People

PA is running a story (with comic of course) about the Sims Online.  Apparently there are underage guys hiring underage girls to work in virtual whorehouses, a strange quest for government, and Citizen Kane has been run out of town.

This brings all sorts of things to light, mostly centered around the question of When does it start to matter, even if it isn’t in the “real” world? And from a different perspective, is that world more or less real than this one.  And before you answer that, remember that billions of people around the world believe that even after they are “logged out” of this world, they will continue to exist in a reality that they have absolutly no experience with.  So, I ask you again, how real is that world in respect to this one? 

I open the panel for discussion

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