January 2004

URL Based Authentication

by Ben on January 30, 2004

in Sci-Tech

In other news, Microsoft is dropping URL based authentication. This is when you use http://username:password@server/ to access a password protected site. I respect why, this is used to redirect people to fake sites… the url winds up looking like this:
which directs you to a completely different site, but at a glance it looks like Amazon. This is basically a good idea, but it’s going to make my free porn password sites harder to use, and that just sucks.

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This is the most retardedly beautiful flash game I have ever played.  Hmm.. “retardedly beautiful”… I think this calls for a new word.. smile

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RIAA goes after Mix CDs

by alphamonkey on January 30, 2004

in News

RIAA goes after Mix CDs…Justin‘s Aqua/ABBA Nordic Remix catalog in dire peril. According to this article in DJMag, the RIAA is now seizing DJ-produced mix CDs across the country by raiding independent record stores. While it is indeed illegal to distribute such works, it has always been a tacitly approved of activity by the dance music producers, as it’s an important and vital method of perpetuating the music scene.

Ah, it’s so nice to see that the RIAA is so singleminded in this pursuit that they are willing to actually go against the wishes of the artists they are supposedly protecting.

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Taiwanese Happy Big Bang Smiley Whale Update:
Remember this guy?

Well, here’s what he looked like after the bang-bang.


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Party Games gone bad

by alphamonkey on January 29, 2004

in Miscellany

Party Games gone bad:

According to this AP newsflash, two Arkansas men got a little pissed off during a losing game of Taboo with the neighbors, eventually pulling handguns on the other players.

Mayhap this wouldn’t be as funny to me if I wasn’t so D-runk. That’s right, not drunk, but D-runk. Woo-hoo! Yah for the double deuce!

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Contrary to Fremen belief, fear is *not* the mind killer.
This is the mind killer:

Ow. Ow. Ow.

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Ok, this is rather brilliant. There are about a thousand and one fuckos that I have run into in the dance clubs that could have used this guide. You know the ones – you will find them on a stage, or in a cage, twirling their glowsticks around like an airport plane lander on crack. Bonus dipshit points for a mini-glowstick under the tongue. Many will be in a over-dramatized euphoric state from the extra-strength Tylenol that they just bought, thinking it was a roll. They will be dancing an extremely conservative, pared down version of some rave dance moves that they practiced on their nephew’s Dance Dance Revolution. However, the extreme amount of concentration and studied effort that they are putting into said moves renders them unable to keep the beat, transporting fellow clubbers to an unholy bizarro dance floor filled with nightmarish visions of old white men at an RNC fundraiser “getting wild” to the Four Tops’ “Shout”.

It is these sad sacks of monkey jizz that, during the buildup of some entirely-too-overplayed Oakenfold track, or for Christ’s sake, “Sandstorm” (which is now being played during fucking NFL football games!), that the person will profess to you, “i LOVE techno, man!” RTFM, wild man.

I love the descriptions for some of the genres.. Here’s the one for New Age –

New Age. Wow. What can be said about New Age. To start, this likes to cling onto the western post-modern meditative-yoga-pilates-tai chi new age baby boomer pop philosophies trend and not let go (hence the name: New Age). That should give you a hint right there that anyone who thinks The Celestine Prophecy is a good book has the worst taste in music. Unlike Ambient, there is singing here, not all of which are celtic chants, choir crooning or aboriginal jibber-jabber (that’s mostly Worldbeat stuff anyway). New Age is floaty, dreamy, and effeminate–even the stuff made by the guys (who have no genitals, by the way). If you have trouble finding it in your local music store, that’s because it’s in the ADULT CONTEMPORARY section….yeah, beside Celine Dion and Phil Collins, Jesus Christ. The music itself isn’t actually all that bad, but the people who listen to it are fucking tools. It’s really hard to find a New Age composer these days that you wouldn’t wanna rather give a swift kick in the shins.

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Shameless Pandering to the Linda Demographic:

Here’s a fun little collection of cat photos for the kitty lover in you.

Oh Linda….return to us your grace and presence!

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The chairs at night, are

by alphamonkey on January 29, 2004

in Miscellany

The chairs at night, are wired and bright…deep in the heart of Texas…

Early this morning, Billy Frank Vickers became the 4th man executed by Texas this year. Another 4 are planned for Febuary. At this rate, 48 prisoners will be executed this year by the Lone Star state alone. What do you want to bet that they’ll be adding a couple more just to round it out to 50?

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Some futher thoughts on that troop expansion article…

Does anyone recall some news stories back in September about the Department of Defense re-staffing the draft boards?
The Memory Hole has the original post put out by the DoD. As stated in the link prior, that post was quickly pulled down by said DoD after a couple of high-profile newstories.

But this got me to a’thinkin’: Would Bush (pending re-election of course) actually reinstate the draft? We are committed well beyond our means in Iraq, Afghansitan, and the other 40 odd some countries we have a military presence in to the point that reservists and army regulars are being kept from rotating home. Is this administration so far over their heads that they’d commit political suicide by drafting again?

I think yes, yes they would. Remember, our government is being run by a man who not only traded Sammy Sosa, he managed to not strike oil in Texas. There’s no telling what buttdickery this idiot is capable of.

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