A thought on the Presidential initiative to promote marriage:

by alphamonkey on January 14, 2004 · 0 comments

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A thought on the Presidential initiative to promote marriage:

1.5 billion dollars to encourage low-income couples to marry?

This is 50% greater than the planned NASA budget boost in support of putting hot-dog stands on the moon and a Haliburton plant on Mars.  Way to prioritize, President Dipshit. While we’re at it, why not spend some of that money to increase education budgets? Or are we planning on staffing the moon with the hordes of illegals that will run for the border after this new USA/Mexico agreement? That’ll be a hoot.  Oh, no…promoting MARRIAGE is more important.  Yes, let’s waste more non-existent tax dollars to encourage folks to fuck for god and country, not their own sinful desires. For 1.5b, every marriage certificate should damn well come with a robotic ninja with a laser sword and x-ray smell. But if you young couples do get a robot ninja just for getting married, you’d better believe we’re going to expect you to fight crime with it. So there.

Here’s a thought: Britney Spear’s recent foray into matrimony/anullment should be every single sane person’s first example as to why gays and lesbians should be allowed to legally wed. How the fuck is marriage a sacred institution that dirty homos can’t take part in when that talentless floozy can pay 45 dollars to have an Elvis impersonator enjoin her and her ‘pal’ in holy matrimony after a drunken viewing of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” only to have the thing anulled before the poor sap who played the groom even got a chance to show her off to his work-buddies? Jesus…even Fred “My Mouth is Wrapped Around Satan’s Meat Stick” Durst got to show off his teen-cream-toy on TRL!!! 

Yah…gays and lesbians would certainly make a mockery out of the holy sanctity of marriage.

This post was originally available at the bottom of a bottle of Harp’s Lager that Justin was kind enough to leave in my fridge.

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