Alright, kiddies…time to own up:

by alphamonkey on January 23, 2004 · 0 comments

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Alright, kiddies…time to own up:

Who are you gunning for in the 2004 elections? I started as a staunch Dean supporter back at the beginning of his MoveOn campaign, going so far as to donate my cold, hard, electronically transferred cash. However, in the last few weeks his “look at me, I’m so smug” smirk and apparent channeling of the original batshit candidate, Ross Perot, has left me feeling the love laid down by mister Clark.  Kerry has looked better in the last two months as well, but I’m still edgy about his flip-flops on the war and his rolling over for everything the Bush administration has done in the last 2 years.  So I’m going to have to go on record as being a Clark man at this point.  He’s foreign affairs smart, compassionate, socially liberal while being fiscally conservative, he’s not a god-thumper beyond the lip service politicians almost have to be in this day and age, and understands that unilateralism is the fastest way to bringing this once great country to it’s knees.

So mad prizzops to my boi, the C to the L to A to the R to Kaaaaaaaaaaaay! *ahem*

Were we living in a perfect world in which my nefarious desires and dreams were capable of being made real, I’d be throwing my support behind the man I supported in 2000, John McCain. That’s right, Republican John McCain.  The guy has it going on. Did anyone see his spot on the Daily Show on Wed? Holy shit! Not only did he slam Bush in almost every single sentence, he had myself and Jon Stewart almost in tears. He’s a funny, funny man. But on top of that, I have a great deal of respect for his positions (even the ones I disagree with). If you’ve ever wondered what ’compassionate conservatism’ is, he’s the best (and most unspoken about it) example.  And it’s a terrible shame that the GOP machine is incapable of thinking of running a man against an incumbent that even the die-hard ‘pubs are being to chafe under. Because he’d fucking win.

So we’re still with Clark. On the off chance Clark is killed in an ‘accident’ ala Mel Carnahan (get your tin foil hats out, kids), I’ll be forced to return to my original position of C’thulu in 2004: Why settle for the Lesser Evil?

Weigh in, me boyos. Let’s see some meat and gristle here.

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