Alrighty boyz, this is interesting.

by Davion on January 15, 2004 · 0 comments

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Alrighty boyz, this is interesting. According to cyber myth. You can’t print out a dollar bill on the new operating systems. No matter what program you use. At least not in the correct size. I’ve heard that many programs including Adobe Photoshop won’t let you print a dollar bill (at least not in correct colors). Is this true ya think? I don’t have a fully working color printer at the moment (I’m outta ink), so I can’t test it out. I’ve included an image below of a dollar bill. Can you guys print it using paint shop or photoshop or something like that?

right click and select “Save target as”

(Another lame disclaimer: If you’re a federal agent and are looking for counterfeiters we’re not it, we’re just testing out a cyber myth, and we really love the IRS)

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