Anyone But Bush

by The Good Reverend on January 24, 2004 · 0 comments

in Politics

I, too, am voting for Anyone But Bush.  I agree with Jae – this isn’t about healthcare or economy.  We are under a regime.  This is about the sanctity of our Constitution and civil liberties.  This next election will be a choice for or against democracy as we have known it.

I will be voting for Clark, with Edwards as my second choice.  Since my only concern is ousting Bush, I have to favor candidates from the South.  Since the Civil Rights movement of the 60s, the South has turned to the Republican party for solace in their “dark times” of improving racial equality.  And if you look at the Presidency after Kennedy, no non-Southern Democratic candidate has managed to take the Office.  This is going to be a tight race – we need our Democratic contender to win the South.

Clark was my favorite before he was even running, and he remains so.  He is a Rhodes scholar with a Masters in Economics, so he can beat Bush on the economy.  He was Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, so he has Bush beat on national security.  And most importantly (sadly), he is from Arkansas.

I want a smart, fiscally conservative, socially liberal president.  Clark fits the bill.  Oh, and did I mention he can win the South?

Jae, have you actually seen Dean in debate?  I was kind of a Dean fan for awhile, only because I had read about some of his platforms.  You really need to see him speak though.  It changed my opinion entirely.  There is something dishonest or disingenuous about that man.  He eerily reminded me of Bush.  Within 5 minutes of watching him I knew I could never vote for him – unless running against Bush, of course. smile

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