Ben, I hope to rock

by alphamonkey on January 24, 2004 · 0 comments

in Politics

Ben, I hope to rock you’re kidding.

Your non-vote means that Joe Sixpack (whom you show such obvious disdain for) and his ilk’s votes count TWICE.  In addition, your lack of participation in what is the finest working example of a paticipatory democracy in existence, not only immediately invalidates any thoughts and opinons you’d like to share about said government, it also guarantees that the the folks you don’t want to be in office will continue to get there. In other words, shit or get off the pot.

I’m curious as to what form of societal existence you think is workable/preferable. Because if we go back to the aristocracy format…we’ll every one of us wee contributors to this here blog would be good and fucked. Please don’t say that you believe in some kind of utopian anarchist malarky. (Because, as the dictionary will tell you, the exact translation of ‘utopia’ is ‘no place&#8217wink. And if you don’t trust Joe Sixpack to even vote, I can’t imagine how’d you think he’d be able to restrain himself from braining you with a stick and stealing your teevee.

Oh yah…and without Al Gore’s overly generous attentions to a certain couple of spending bills, we wouldn’t be having this discussion in this format.  Without Bush, we’d what? Not have suffered the downing of the Twin Towers? Have an economy that wasn’t about to retreat into it’s own red ink? Have even a hope of seeing those Social Security dollars we’ve had taken out of our paychecks when we reach the age we might need them? Try all three.

I’m sure if you sent Karl Rove a copy of your message, his response would be

Dear Non-Voter

Thanks! It’s people like you that got us here! Looking forward to your help in maintaining our death grip for another 4!

– yours in Christ,

Karl ‘I’m the fucking devil’ Rove.

Just a thought.

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