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by Ben on January 12, 2004 · 0 comments

in Sci-Tech

Interesting article, Jae.  Did you notice that the bias toward attractive people extended even to this article?  I’m not anal enough to sit here and count them out, but I noticed many more quotes from the models than from the “regular” people (that occured to me while I was reflecting on how stupid the model chick sounded).  I wonder, as plastic surgery becomes more ubiquitous and afforadable, if this will change at all?  Once beauty becomes common and in reach of the middle class, will we still care so much?

In any case, I have to agree with this article.  I’ve noticed a major change in the way people treat me since I lost the weight.  Even people I’ve known through the entire process treat me differently now than they did when I was super-size.  Probably the weirdest thing is that people seem to take me more seriously now.  Odd.

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