Some futher thoughts on that

by alphamonkey on January 29, 2004 · 0 comments

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Some futher thoughts on that troop expansion article…

Does anyone recall some news stories back in September about the Department of Defense re-staffing the draft boards?
The Memory Hole has the original post put out by the DoD. As stated in the link prior, that post was quickly pulled down by said DoD after a couple of high-profile newstories.

But this got me to a’thinkin’: Would Bush (pending re-election of course) actually reinstate the draft? We are committed well beyond our means in Iraq, Afghansitan, and the other 40 odd some countries we have a military presence in to the point that reservists and army regulars are being kept from rotating home. Is this administration so far over their heads that they’d commit political suicide by drafting again?

I think yes, yes they would. Remember, our government is being run by a man who not only traded Sammy Sosa, he managed to not strike oil in Texas. There’s no telling what buttdickery this idiot is capable of.

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