The Ongoing Debate

by The Good Reverend on January 25, 2004 · 0 comments

in Politics

Alphamonkey, you are presupposing that my Nordic Gods consider this “wintry wrath”.  While doing laps in a local lake this morning, I forwarded your request, to which they responded:  “You tell your namby-pamby friend that it’s barely even below freezing.  Have him come back when it is so cold that his nostril hairs freeze upon breathing in, and he has to dig through a 12 foot snow drift to get out his front door.” And yes, both of these things happen in the great Natural Selector, the great state of Minnesota.  Odin be praised.Ben, you seem a very smart guy, which is why I don’t understand your post.  I will be the first to agree with you that our democracy is flawed – but it is by far the best thing running.  That guy you linked to, begging for anarchy, is a complete fucking moron.  Humans are social animals – any descent into anarchy would be only a temporary condition until warlords gathered bands of hooligans together and started up their own dictatorial forms of govt. and ensued with a Mad Max-ian tribal warfare state.  If you want case studies, look at countries that just had their governments dissolved or rendered ineffectual – Afghanistan and Iraq.

Come election time, it sometimes seems as if we have nothing but a choice between two evils.  It is still the duty of men and women of good conscience to go to the polls and choose that lesser evil.

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