The Return of Ben

by Ben on January 24, 2004 · 0 comments

in Politics

Sorry I’ve been gone, I’ve had hella lot to do at work, plus I’ve had the flu.

1st, Aaron, the site looks good.  I’m hoping to hear you live sometime soon, when will you be playing next?

Ok, moving on to the election.  I’m not voting.  Why?  I don’t believe in democracy.  I know it’s practically heresy to say that in this day and age, but I don’t believe that democracy is the best form of government available to us.  Why?  It places too much faith in common people to make their own decisions.  Unfortunately, Joe Sixpack is NOT qualified to run this country (sorry, Joe).  The problem with Joe is that rather than think, he’d rather just do what his TV tells him to do.  Democracy is just as dangerous as any other form of government, just consider this.  Eric makes a good point.

All that said, I’m still glad it was Bush and not Gore.  If Gore had won, we’d all be doing jumping-jacks in front of our TV each morning so Big Brother didn’t get mad.  If I would have voted it probably would have been for (brace yourself) Nader, not that I like him, but it certainly would have stirred shit up, and that’s always worth doing.  The idea of Nader as president now cracks me up.  Consider that he probably would have gone right after the big corps after being elected, but he was (I think) savvy enough not to drag them through too much mud.  If some of the corps got somewhat busted after he was elected, we might have actually missed some of the Enron/CA/MCI/etc.. debacle.  Also, with no friend in the Whitehouse, it’s reasonable to think that the energy prices wouldn’t have shot sky high, and the Airline industy would have been in better shape pre-9/11.  Having brought those factors into consideration, is it not funny that the best economic course for our country might have been steered by the most anti-business candidate we’ve seen in a long time?  The irony is delicious.

Other things of interest, I like this article on How to think forbidden thoughts.

This just in from the political outrage department:  Acording to David Kay (former arms hunter for the US) via Reuters, Iraq has no banned stockpiles.

And also from the political outrage department:  Try this Google news search.  There are so many stories about Halliburton and their kickbacks and bribes, I can’t pick one to link to.  Apparently, though, the Army has now kicked them out.  Bet Dickey still got his bonus, though.

You all have a good night now.

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