Trouble with a capital T

by Ben on January 27, 2004 · 0 comments

in Politics

Ahhh, didn’t I say it was always worth it to stir shit up?  The only one who didn’t bite was Jae.

Ok, first, on anarchy.  Ideally I’m an anarchist, but I’m not stupid enough to think that it would work, I’m NOT suggesting we try.  I agree that government is a necessary evil, but just because it’s necessary is no reason to call it good. (for those of the literary mind, yes that was a paraphrasing of a Heinlein quote from “Stranger in a Strange Land”)

Second, on democracy.  Democracy sucks.  It is no protection from dictators or atrocities(remember Hitler was democratically elected), the only thing you can say in it’s defense is that it takes much longer for anything to happen in a democratic system and sometimes that wait will keep a few things out that otherwise may have gotten in (but not in all cases, witness the Patriot act).  Of course, when quick action is required, you’re back in shitland.  Aristocracy would work, and work better, if there was a way to reliably choose the ruling class… but then that’s always the the case, isn’t it?  How do you choose a ruler when the only people really qualified for the job are those that don’t want it?

Third: Aaron, are you seriously suggesting that the attack on the WTC wouldn’t have happened had Bush not hijacked the election?  That’s a bold statement.  I must have missed Al’s speach on how he was going to pull the troops out of Saudi Arabia and make Israel play nice with Palestine.

Fourth: on democrats:  I just decided I won’t be supporting Dean, the anti-PC corperate bitch.

Fifth: Yeah, we’re shipping everything we can to India.  Whatever, my job will be here for a while, and when they kick me out, I already have my next plan together… so it’s all good.  BTW: the link for the “Sprint lays off 120% of it’s workforce” thing has proven to be very popular around here.

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