Ah, hypocrisy! Will You Never Cease to Amuse Us?

by alphamonkey on February 18, 2004 · 0 comments

in Politics

Your daily dose of near-intolerable hypocrisy:

WASHINGTON: Richard Perle, a chief proponent of last year’s U.S. invasion of Iraq, yesterday called for the chiefs of the Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency to step down because of their faulty conclusions that Saddam Hussein possessed mass-killing weapons.

Perle, a close adviser to U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, said top officials made no attempt to skew the intelligence about Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction. Instead, he implied, top policymakers relied in good faith on the conclusions of the intelligence agencies.

Sure thing, Dick. It had nothing to do with the plans to invade Iraq that were put forth in Feb. 2001 and the administration’s burning desire to get that moving, right? It was totally the intel geeks.

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