Another company adds its name

by alphamonkey on February 6, 2004 · 0 comments

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Another company adds its name to the “Let’s patent some future internet technology with an extremely vague description of what it is and without actually going through the trouble of actually inventing it so we can sue the hell out of everyone later” Dept, Acacia Research is claiming they own the patent to streaming media. This actually broke in November, so congratulations on being a geek or porn industry insider if you’ve already heard about this.

I heard about this patent this morning on NPR. So, I googled for “Acacia Research” and came up with the above link at the top of my search. Savor the humorous juxtapostion of reading a very formal business letter under a header that involves the words “breast torture”. Quality.

And finally, an announcement: I have just today submitted patents for levitation, flying cars, and invisibility. So companies be warned, when you finally invent those things, they’re mine.

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