Anyone here remember their high-school

by alphamonkey on February 13, 2004 · 0 comments

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Anyone here remember their high-school Sex Ed class? In my own suburban Kansas school, it was more demurely known as “Health Class”, which was taught by either the hulking, psychotic, ex-POW, Boys PE coach with a penchant for leering at the gals during films, or by a hulking, glaring, man-hating Girls PE coach with a penchant for leering at the girls during films, depending on your luck. Each brought their own special charms to the table, and I can assure you that sex is never un-sexier than when being described by one of these two fine specimens of physical achievement. I think the raciest our class got was when watching an infra-red scan of a penis going erect during the insanely Christian slanted “Miracle of Life”. I’d include the beaver shot during the birth, but as anyone who has been on the viewing end of a birth can tell you, never does a women’s mysterious lushbox look less attractive than when giving birth. My sincerest apologies, ladies, but it’s a sad, true fact of life.

But those kids in Denmark? They’ve got it made. Ninth-graders learn about sex via a CD-ROM which, until squeamish school officials objected, discusses three-ways, bestiality, and the wonderment of scat. Come to think of it…maybe that was just a “Come to the Flesh Pots of Denmark” tourist ad that was sent by mistake..

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