Best Site EVER.

by alphamonkey on February 25, 2004 · 0 comments

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Best Site EVER.
Insanely Not Safe for Work. Or Home. Or Space. Or Time. Or Anything. (Well, except for maybe a Bath House or the Fire Island Tourist Bureau)

Folks, many who know me say that two of my most endearing traits are my intense hatred of immigrants and my love of the subtle art of Macrame. Those who know me better say I’m defined by my all-encompassing hate for ‘Americana’ art. Thomas Kincaid, Tollhouse painting, Mary Englebright…all must pay for their sins. But now I have a new focus to my never-ending bile:

It’s not bad just because it’s gay-themed, lord knows I cherish our great resource of homosexuals and all the ways they entertain us. It’s not bad because it’s cheesy erotica. Me likey the hot-stuff.

It’s bad because it’s fucking terrible.
It’s bad because these are for SALE, implying that the artist considers them serious works of art.
It’s bad because someone, somewhere is displaying this proudly in their home.
Think about it…this guy may very well stand over his canvas, swearing and cursing, drunk and angry like some Bizarro version of Jackson Pollack.
When will it end?

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