Britain’s laziest woman

by Davion on February 25, 2004 · 1 comment

in Stupid People

Britain’s laziest woman

Bone idle Susan Moore has finally had her benefits stopped after an astonishing 16 YEARS on the dole.
Super-sponger Susan, 34, has not done a day?s work since dropping out of college in 1988.
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who does that remind you of mighty reverend.

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  • Julian Edmonds

    If only the Sun reporter, while researching numbers of jobs available locally, had thought to check the bus timetable he would know why this poor woman cannot find work. 

    Her village, five miles from the nearest town, is only served by buses three days a week, and even then only for a brief shopping trip not for a full 9 to 5 working day.  Which is why it was thought necessary to provide a taxi to take her to the job seekers’ course.

    At £12 per day for a whole six months course it would be far cheaper to have paid for her and her mother to move into town where there would be jobs.

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