Coolest Mom EVER:

by alphamonkey on February 19, 2004 · 0 comments

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Coolest Mom EVER:

The music industry considers Michele Scimeca a pirate. The Morris County mom has her own term for record executives:


In what legal experts described as a novel strategy, Scimeca is citing federal racketeering laws like the one that jailed mob boss John Gotti to countersue record labels that accused her in December of sharing some 1,400 copyrighted songs over the Internet.

For those of you unaware, the RIAA has a nasty hobby of suing folks who’s net connection is being used to file-share music. So if your kids or roomates are trading files on a connection that’s under your name, you get sued.

Since the message that the RIAA is a bunch of money-grubbing, bottom feeding, thugs hasn’t quite reached their ears yet, let’s try to explain the situation to them in a clear simple format:

Hey, shitbags! Maybe file-trading wouldn’t be such a problem had you:

a) gotten on board the p2p networks in the beginning and set up a reasonable distribution system of your own instead of suing the shit out of everyone.
b) released better music in the last 4 years instead of hit songs packaged with 30 minutes of shitty filler.
c) realized that 20 dollars for a single CD containing 35 minutes of material is fucking EXTORTION (especially when factoring in that the artist themselves would only recieve 1% of that money)
d) gotten off your ass and done a better job of releasing back-catalog material that hasn’t found it’s way to CD yet.

Just a thought.

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