Eat the Rich

by alphamonkey on February 18, 2004 · 0 comments

in Stupid People

Here’s one sure to garner little to no discussion:

Rich father battles ‘affluenza’
Too much money bad for children, lawyer tells court
Nygard’s ex seeking $68,000 monthly payment

Folks, unless said teen is on dialysis, chemo, and a coke junkie to boot, $68,000 dollars a month is about $63,000 dollars too much for the upkeep and care of a 16 year old boy. Hell, even $5,000 dollars a month is pretty fucking extravagant.

While it’s no great revelation to say that that biological parents should bear a fiscal responsibility for their offspring, there’s got to be some kind of limit. I mean, the guy’s already paying 15K a month (the highest such payment awarded in Canada to date) so that his ex-lover (who is a *retired* flight attendant) can care for his son. RETIRED? Folks, we’re not talking about a 65 year old woman here….I’m willing to bet that 15K is a hefty chunk of what a lot of us make in a year, let alone a month. Unless this kid was a fucking C.H.U.D. that tried to kill her during every step of her pregnancy and birth, resulting untold hours of surgery and therapy, that sounds like money being used to support the mom, not the kid.

Gah…My rage circuit just tripped. Fire away, folks.

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