Gamers: The Silent Givers

by alphamonkey on February 13, 2004 · 0 comments

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Back in December, we posted a few articles about the folks at Penny Arcade and their Child’s Play toy drive for the Seattle Children’s Hospital. In the end, Penny Arcade members donated over $175,000 worth of toys and games, and a whopping $27,000 dollars in cash donations that was generated by the gaming fans of said site.

That’s pretty astounding for a bunch of psychotic killers in training, don’t ya think? That charitable event made no dent whatsoever in the mainstream media’s portrayal of gamers and their ilk.  Sad, really.

Well, the folks over at Something Awful have done something similar, but on a smaller scale and for a completely different cause. You see, one of the ‘forum goons’ of SA just happens to be a Staff Sargeant with the 25th Infantry Division and was set to embark on the wonderful and magical journey we call modern Iraq.  When he lamented publicly about the only slim possibility of being issued armor plating for his flak vest due to shortages and budget constraints, the fine folks at SA put together their own fund drive.  In the end, they raised over 21,000 dollars and were able to outfit the gentleman’s entire platoon, as well as a secondary unit attached to them.  Furthermore, SA will be sending monthly care packages filled with hygene, entertainment, and food items that any grunt can tell you is scarce indeed. 

I think that’s just plain awesome.  And it’s not like these are gamers putting this money and time up. These are bitter, angry, sarcastic, and generally mean-spirited humor writers. Truly it is an uncommon event to see such generosity and humanity pour forth from such an angry and persnickety font.

Anyway, take a look at the site for information on how to contribute if you feel the desire.

Otherwise, I just thought it was an interesting story to share.

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