Hello Everybody! In addition to

by alphamonkey on February 11, 2004 · 0 comments

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Hello Everybody!

In addition to the newly added comments function (thanks, Jae!), please remember there is also a public forum for whatever hullaballoo you feel is worth writing about. The link is located to your left and it is indeed a public forum for all to use. I mean who hasn’t wanted to delve behind the public persona of Ben to plumb his hidden depths, or go tet-a-tet with the incomparable mental prowess of Justin? As for me, I’m only 1/3rd the asshole in person I appear to be (Or is that 4/3rds…I can’t remember), and occasionally I’ll even say something funny. And Jae…well Jae is totally fucking hot. I mean really. Blindingly so. Trust me on this, ladies. (or gentlemen)

Registration is free and, since it’s hosted by us here at Transbuddha, you can rest assured you won’t be receiving any spam or any other sordid and sundry e-mails from us, advertisers, or anyone else.

(Of course, if you *wish* to receive sordid and sundry e-mails, feel free to let us know. Justin majored in Obscure 14th Century Romantic Sonnets in college and needs an outlet for this otherwise useless skill.)

Have at it, folks. Thanks for joining us!

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