It’s Friday night in Cowtown…

by alphamonkey on February 7, 2004 · 0 comments

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It’s Friday night in Cowtown…

I’m compelled to apologize to you all. I feel a bit remiss in my duties as a poster to this here blog and scrolling through the posts only highlights my fairly uniform absence during this last week. I’d like to offer an excuse of some kind, maybe about practicing for my upcoming rock appearance on Friday at Coffee Girl here in Kansas City, but in reality I’ve spent more thinking about practice than actually practicing. I might also go so far as to blame my neglected duties on our inclement weather, but again the reality is that the weather keeps me inside. Maybe I could stretch and blame it on a general malaise due to the snow, ice, and all around grey skies, but once more I’m forced to confess that the scenery inspires more feelings of awe and peace than depression and petulance.

But ah….in that, a real reason is found. I’ve suffered a change in temperament, but only in that I’m running a bit low on my normal piss and vinegar. Hate and spite fuel most of my posts and I’m at a distinct disadvantage without it. It’s not that I don’t have things to be pissed off about, but my normal rage has trouble competing with the scenery.

So there we have it. Gorgeous weather and scenery is greater than my normal state of extreme anger. It just goes to show: you can’t beat Ma Nature, no matter how you try. Rest assured, as the snow gets black and sludgey and sunny skies prevail, I shall be more able to exert the full force of my normal nastiness. Until then, please remember that I hate you all and wish nothing but bad tidings upon you and your loved ones. (Feel free to insert the pop-culture themed reference of your choice)


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