OK, this is sad.

by alphamonkey on February 9, 2004 · 0 comments

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OK, this is sad. Aaron and I have quickly become fans of the song and video stylings of Indian singer, Daler Mehndi. You may remember him from that bizarre cartoon flash that was posted awhile back, which featured his hit song, “Tunak Tunak Tun!” Here is the actual video, which is also very entertaining (it is, unfortunately, a Real file.)

Anyway, no sooner had he secured himself a place in my pantheon of music deities when I found this article. That’s right, my new hero is a human trafficker. I quote from the story:

New Delhi: Is the flying Sikh on the run? Daler Mehndi, known for his enthusiastic leaps while chanting bhangra tunes like Dardi Rab Rab and the like, seems to be hiding from the press and the police.

Another related story.

Oh sad, terrible day. Why Mehndi? Why?

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