Since Friday, Feb. 6th, GM

by alphamonkey on February 11, 2004 · 0 comments

in Miscellany

Since Friday, Feb. 6th, GM has recalled almost 2.5 million cars and trucks. 2.5 fucking million.
What in god’s name do you have to do to fuck up that many cars? Well for starters you can have the automatic steering column lock not work, as is the case with an estimated 127,000 Corvettes. Meaning that crafty Mr. Car Thief can drive off in your car without having to disengage the column lock. Or you can have faulty to the point of accident causing windshield wipers in roughly 630,000 mid-size SUVs. Or you can always go with the perennial favorite: fire-starting ignition switches, which can be found in any of the 1.8 million cars with said ignition switches installed.

Fun! Drive safe, kids!

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