The AP Wire: Your Endless Source of Bountiful Goodness

by alphamonkey on February 19, 2004 · 0 comments

in Sci-Tech

More drops of honey from the AP Wire:

Emails set to arrive with scent
From correspondents in London
February 19, 2004

INTERNET users in Britain might soon be able to spice up their e-mails with an added whiff of a well-chosen scent.

A British Internet service provider plans to market a “scent dome”, which would plug into customers’ computers much like a printer, The Times said.

Inside the device would be 20 disposable pockets of different scents, which could be combined – like the coloured ink cartridges on a printer – to make up to 60 identifiable different smells, the newspaper reported.

These would be released by electronic signals sent along a broadband Internet line.

As well as garnishing e-mails to loved ones with a burst of a favourite perfume, users could also let themselves be alerted to incoming mail by the waft of baking bread or coffee.

Telewest Broadband, the company involved, is testing the scent pods and hopes to make them available for around ?200 ($480), the paper added.

Any one care to guess what “penis-enlargement pills/pumps/creams“, “wet-juicy teens“, or “home mortgage rate reduction” is going to smell like?

Actually….please don’t guess.

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