The Bottom of the Barrel is just the starting point

by alphamonkey on February 18, 2004 · 0 comments

in Stupid People

Finally, Reality TV blows past “Bottom of the Barrel” barrier into new dimension of insanity!

Austria’s first private TV channel is facing accusations of exploitation over a new version of reality hit Wife Swap that mixes members of an immigrant Turkish family with self-confessed racists.

As anyone with even the shattered, alcohol ravaged remnants of a brain could guess, it’s a complete fucking train-wreck.

From the article:

“Sanalmis, who has lived in Austria for 16 years, said she never expected to reform the racists, but had hoped the show would help to make them think in new ways. Their refusal to listen changed her outlook on humanity. “I always used to think there’s something good to be found in each person. I no longer believe that,” she said.

Any bets on when Fox will release the all-American version?

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