Uncovering New York’s Finest Toilets

by alphamonkey on February 19, 2004 · 0 comments

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Uncovering New York’s Finest Toilets

The makers of a toilet bowl disinfectant called ToiletClean have just released the rankings, which are based on their observation of various public toliBased on factors like bowl cleanliness, overall cleanliness and the amount of puddles and paper towel/toilet paper litter, the company ranks the public bathroom on the basement level of the St. Regis Hotel among the cleanest. Also top-notch are the restrooms in the first level of the Plaza Hotel and the upper floors of the Guggenheim Museum.

And defying all expectations, the toliets of Grand Central Station, the Port Authority Bus Station, and the Southwest Ferry rank among the filthiest. And I thought hobos, crack-heads, and prostitutes were such a clean and proper people.

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