Worst Tribute Song EVER

by alphamonkey on February 17, 2004 · 1 comment

in Stupid People

This song just completely melted my brain.

There’s no doubt that the murder of Laci Peterson was indeed a tragic and terrible affair. But that’s no reason to go and create an abomination like this:

Oh yes, click it. You know you want to.

Now that you’ve experienced the agony that I subjected myself to in order to bring you good posts, I want to state that this song is so gawdawful and atrocious that I would kill this man in front of his own mother to end this kind of bullshit ‘tribute’ crap.

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  • J.Noble

    Why? WHY WHY WHY?????? Dear sweet Jesus, now the song is stuck in my head! Why did I have to listen to this, this……thing????? AARRAGGAAAHHHHH!! Get it out, get it out!!

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