Your “Ahhh, isn’t that cute?” Moment

by alphamonkey on February 18, 2004 · 0 comments

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Your “Ahhh, isn’t that cute?” Photo o’ the Day: (Brought to you by Jagermeister!)

That is so totally not a fair fight! C’mon! Two against one?

(the following is a paid advertisement)

Hi, I’m Aaron! When I want to post the bestest, most messed up, or just plain bizarre nuggets the Internet has to offer, I fuel myself with Jagermeister, the drink made from pure rock, cabbage, and just a hint of stag blood! It’s Mmmm-hmmm Good!

Jager! It’s what’s for dinner!

Aww..just kidding folks! Jager didn’t give me a dime! All they’ve ever given me is a wicked buzz and a couple of week long black-outs! (One of which I’m pretty sure involved me getting married to Dennis Rodman and/or the corpse of beloved screen icon Moe Howard. That’s never really been cleared up.) So don’t worry! We haven’t whored our selves out yet in exchange for cash and free stuff! But that’s not to say that we won’t! (hint, hint)

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