Reason #2 for never leaving the home.

by The Good Reverend on March 1, 2004 · 1 comment

in Miscellany

WARNING!!! This link has a highly graphic photo of a dead man

Let’s face it. Most of us don’t really get out into nature. Sure, we’ve all been on various canoe trips, which consisted of drinking as much alcohol as possible without capsizing your boat into the terribly perilous 3 feet of water beneath you. Or perhaps gone with family or friends to a popular local lake, where one can finally commune with exotic wildlife like, say, squirrels and.. animals that kind of look like squirrels.. in their natural habitat.

Well, that’s not nature. I will tell you when you know you are in nature: when you don’t quite feel at the top of the food chain anymore. Think about it – yes, I know work and finances and all that other bullshit can really make life seem difficult at times. But in all that, do you ever truly feel in mortal danger?

OK, I’m going to quit rambling about it. Why am I thinking about all this? Because I just read an article about a fucking man-eating bear. And in this article, you will see a picture that will rekindle in you that long lost primitive fear that our ancient ancestors lived with every day. Again, there is an extremely graphic picture in this article of a human being that was reduced to being a food cache. Don’t click on it if you can’t handle this kind of stuff – and don’t bitch that I didn’t warn you.

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