Apparently, the coffin of my childhood can take a couple more nails….

by alphamonkey on April 18, 2004 · 0 comments

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While I have to admit I’m more than a little giddy about a ‘Year One’ treatment of Batman (Batman Begins), I’m terribly frightened over how easy it would be for Warner Bros. to completely rape that franchise past the point of redemption. (As if ‘Batman & Robin’ wasn’t already the money shot in a terrible line of snuff films….) If you’re perhaps thinking that the WB is capable of great movies still, remember: The upcoming ’Catwoman‘ film looks like it might just be the kind of film that makes you remember ’Swamp Thing‘ as a cinematic tour de force. 

Oh god, no

How many minutes of this upcoming atrocity can we watch before taking away her Oscar? Shame on you, Halle Berry. Shame!

But anyway…a while back, somebody put together an 8 minute short film showing the Cowled One going after the Joker in a dark alley…Which The Force.Net has posted here.

I was pretty excited about this when I heard of it, and was even somewhat impressed in the first minute or so of the film…until the characters started talking…The Joker was especially painful to listen to, but what do you expect when he’s being played by the kid that played ‘Boner’ on Growing Pains? No…really..

Michael Jackson only wishes he looked this good

Yah..that’s actually Andrew Koenig. But then again, it might be Canadian songsmith Geddy Lee…you decide!

And just when you think it can’t get any weirder…BAM! The fan-boy porno button gets taped down for a completely batshit (pun!) left-field final 3 minutes.  Just watch it and see for yourself….

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