Billy don’t be a hero…

by alphamonkey on April 18, 2004 · 1 comment

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Bul-ly (Bo˘ol’Ä“) n., 1. A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.Are you sick and tired of bullies pushing you around? Would like a way to deal with them without the hassles of learning how to kick their ass, or even taking a single punch? You would?

Would you prefer that you learn all this from 12 year old boy?

Boy, do we have the video for you!

That's right, punk. I'm talking to YOU.

from the description:

In American schools and communities, bullying has reached epidemic proportions, its devastating scars affecting the lives of children for years to come. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, six out of ten teens in America witness an act of bullying behavior at least once a day. And in grades 6-10, nearly one in six – or 3.2 million – are the victims of bullying each year.

To which I say: Sissies.

Fortunately, here’s the perfect solution to bullying! “The Bully Factor” is a multi-award-winning instructional video that presents different scenarios of bullying situations and teaches kids how to react to them. Moreover, the video presents several ways to defuse a bullying situation before it ever turns physical. But if the encounter has progressed to the physical stage, then children are taught by real-life enactments, followed by specific step-by-step instructions (including slow-motion detail), how to get themselves free and to a safe zone.

Can ANYONE explain to me how you can ‘defuse a bullying situation’ that doesn’t involve a shiv?

Nationally ranked martial artist and 2nd-degree black-belt instructor, 12-year-old Patrick McKay will teach your children how to be prepared if they should ever find themselves in a bullying situation. “The Bully Factor” discusses different ways to simply “walk away” from a verbal attack, and presents additional ways to free yourself from a bully’s grip and get to a safe area when the issues become physical. You will not need a background in, or any familiarity with, the martial arts to learn these techniques. And since the video utilizes non-aggressive techniques, it therefore even complies with most school “zero-tolerance” policies.

Which can be translated as: “You are totally going to get your ass kicked, dillweed. Good luck rolling that 12 sided die with your new cast!”

Take it home, Patrick!

Black belt or get your assed kicked by this weasel and you're no longer a member of the human race

“If my videos and/or seminars help to

keep just one child safer, then all the

time I have invested in this is worthwhile”

Wise words, Sensei. Wise words indeed. Now finish your juice box before you kick the American Flag’s ass!

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  • Shadow Stalker

    I have a black belt, and it’s shameful how they’re just given away these days.  Maybe this kid has an incredibly amazing grasp on life and is totally centered in mind and body, but I doubt it.

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