It’s like a Gallic/Germanic Kick to Your Brain

by alphamonkey on April 26, 2004 · 1 comment

in Diversions

This little slightly NSFW (Unless you work for Benny Hill) diversion arrived in my mailbox this morning.  Not exactly what I’d prescribe at 6:25 in the morning, but fun nonetheless.

You know you want to

Oh, don’t be such a sissy. Click it already.

As a quick aside, the links contained therein are indeed NSFW material, but in a freaky ‘Interview Magazine on PCP” kindaway. The company that made the game (pornocombo)specializes in a “musical combination of sex and graphism”, whatever the hell that means. I don’t speak artistese, so someone may have to translate. Regardless, there’s some fun 70’s throwback porno/fusion thing going on over there…

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