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by alphamonkey on April 25, 2004 · 1 comment

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Rooster ‘owned’ 68kg cocaine

A defense attorney whose client is facing cocaine charges has argued that the narcotics were actually in the possession of the suspect’s rooster and two hens.

Prosecutors dismissed the claim as “absurd and impertinent.”

Police found 67.3kg of cocaine and a revolver hidden in a cage housing a fighting rooster and two hens in the parking lot of a cockfighting den controlled by Francisco Armando Rivera.

Rivera was arrested and charged with cocaine possession, but his lawyer, Manuel Urbina, said his client was never in possession of the narcotics.

“The drugs were in the possession of a rooster and two hens and the law is very clear that whoever is in possession of the drugs is the one who should be accused,” Urbina said.

Rivera has remained in prison while Judge Martha Lorena Martinez weighs the case against him. Urbina said that the prosecution must prove that the drugs actually belonged to his client.

“I’m going to order an inspection of this rooster and the two hens,” Rivera said.

In comments to reporters later, Attorney General Julio Centeno called the defense’s case “an absurd joke.”

“I’m not going to comment further because we all know the only ones who can posses things are human beings,” he said.

Defense further stated that they had photographic evidence of the Rooster’s abundant cocaine habit:

I am so high right now

Rivera states: “Look at the guy! See the chain around his neck? Stupid clothes? See the grin!? He’s obviously whacked out on coke! For fuck’s sake the damn rooster is FLYING!”

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  • Shadow Stalker

    So if you stash enough cocaine under your cock it’ll get all the chicks?

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