This one’s for you, Good Reverend

by alphamonkey on April 21, 2004 · 1 comment

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Crazy Breakup Behavior, JustifiedNEW YORK —Women, if you go off the deep end when a guy breaks up with you and start thinking up all sorts of crazy revenge plots, don’t worry: You’re perfectly normal.

That’s according to Alison James, a breakup survival coach and author of the book “I Used to Miss Him but My Aim is Improving” (Adams Media).

James, who estimates she witnessed more than 1000 breakups during her years counseling female friends, says she wrote her book to let women know that wanting to hurt the guy who hurt them is perfectly healthy—and justified.

Mind you, she draws the line at anything illegal, but still endorses devious post-dump maneuvers such as…

— Telling your ex that if he adds one cup of bleach to his laundry, he can wash his dark clothes and his light clothes together in one time-saving step.

— Taking a favorite sports jersey of your ex’s and selling it on eBay.

— Scrubbing his toilet with his toothbrush.

— And finally, when you hug him goodbye for good, make sure you’re wearing bright red lipstick or oil-based foundation that will be sure to leave a mark on his shirt.

Yes, finally a book that will end the long running War of the Sexes….Thanks, Allison James! Let’s think about this: ”let women know that wanting to hurt the guy who hurt them is perfectly healthy—and justified


So regardless of the reasons for a breakup, it’s cool to fuck with your ex?  Look, we all think the crazy thoughts when we’ve been dumped, but that don’t mean it’s right to follow through on them. It’s bullshit pop-advice like this that creates more people that hate the opposite sex. Way to go, Allison!

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    If only she had followed The Rules(tm) she wouldn’t have been dumped.

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