Today’s “Moment of Truth”

by alphamonkey on April 24, 2004 · 1 comment

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Brought to you by Blender’s Top 50 Worst Songs

This is all for you, Good Reverend. #26

The Doors

“The End” (1967)


The most pretentious rock star’s most pretentious song

Bombastic? Lugubrious? Sounds like it was recorded in a large metal shipping container and mixed by drunks? It must be a Doors song! Painful in so many ways, “The End,” for starters, has none. (Okay it’s 11 minutes and 45 seconds long.) Over anemic jazz noodling, Jim Morrison intones lyrics that would make the kid wearing the pentagram t-shirt in the back row of homeroom blush with shame. For example: “Father…I want to kill you/Mother…I want to unh-grblgrauauauauauauaugh!”

Worst Moment:

According to online lyrics guides, that last vocal eruption actually contains the words that constitute the most appropriate response to the song: Fuck you.

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    Why so quiet, Good Reverend?

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