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by alphamonkey on April 9, 2004 · 0 comments

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Looks a little different, don’t it? That might because it is different. Radically different, and we don’t mean radically different as in ‘drastically’. We mean ‘radically’ different as in ‘bitchin’ different.

I know, I know…change is scary and weird. We know a lot of you never got over the whole Dick Sergant vs. Dick York thing on Bewitched, and let’s face it: Cousin Oliver damn well killed the Brady Bunch. And who can forget when the A-Team’s writers discovered crack cocaine and Mr. T, Murdock, and Face totally had sex in the van? Scary stuff, wasn’t it? Well, stop your crying, sissies! This is the brand-spanking-new Transbuddha, and we’ve got such sights to show you!

In addition to a new look and reader-friendly layout, we’ve made the board easy as pie to navigate, search, and bookmark all your favorite posts. Furthermore, we’ve made it easier to add your own comments to our little love-fest and we’ll actually be posting some information on how you too can contribute to America’s #1 Productivity Killing Site ™.  On that note, we’ve padded our ranks by adding some new folk to our roster to better deluge your day with the world’s most innane content.  We’ve also brought over the complete archives of the previous blog, as well as the much-beloved Transmuto blog. So peruse our archives at your leisure and watch us taking our first baby steps as a Nazi Midget Tranny Porn fan site to becoming the unstoppable media juggernaut you’ve grown to love!

Unfortunately for our long time friends, our old comment system doesn’t allow us to import over all the wit and wisdoms you’ve imparted upon us. I guess you’ll just have to make more, eh?

We’re not even close to being done blowing your mind with new stuff, so pay attention. This will be on the test. 

As Mayor McCheese of Kick-Ass Town, I declare this new blog open for business.

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