Why Can’t We Be Friends?

by alphamonkey on April 21, 2004 · 1 comment

in Miscellany

NEW YORK—The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah is taking its message to the game show world with a quiz show airing on its satellite TV network that rewards contestants by allowing them to move closer to Jerusalem on a game board with each question they answer correctly. Past questions have asked for the names of suicide bombers, and one U.S. official tells the “New York Times” the quiz show should be called “Name Your Favorite Terrorist.” A spokesman for the al-Manar network says the show was started because Hezbollah wanted to put its message “into a form that would appeal to a wider segment of the population.”

What message would that be? Kill the Jews, of course! Fun!  Finally a game show that appeals to the backwoods militant conspiracy theorist in all of us!

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    They need a good old-fashioned Jewish media conspiracy.  Clean all that crap out and run “Touched by an Angel” and “Will and Grace” back to back, non stop.  They’re not quite ready for “Queer Eye” and “South Park.”

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