Badgerphone : devil spawn of Bananaphone

by alphamonkey on May 5, 2004 · 0 comments

in Audio Visual,Diversions

Well…we killed one version, but like the mythical hydra, new ones spring up in it’s place!Yes…it’s true: We contributed to the link shut down of the fabled ’bananaphone‘. Thankfully, the folks at cookiethievery were cool enough to let us mirror it right here on transbuddha.

But like an intelligent and bloodthirsty chainsaw, bananaphone has already left the gate and is running willy-nilly all over creation spawing bizzare new versions of itself.

Let’s imagine a short exchange, shall we?

Weebls: You got bananaphone in my badger!

Cookietheivery: You got badger in my bananaphone!

Yes, it’s two great tastes that go great together!

the paradigm shifts!

That’s right, it’s BADGERPHONE!!!

Wow…it’s like watching the birth of a C.H.U.D. baby. 

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