by The Good Reverend on May 4, 2004 · 3 comments

in Entertainment

With the rise of teens being given record contracts via popularity contests a la American Idol, and the rise of a hair metal, tight leather pants-wearing, Queen homage band like The Darkness, it has become obvious to many including myself that pop rock and its fans are having a good laugh at themselves.

In keeping with that theme, I was recently told about a band called Beatallica.  Oh yes.  Whereas The Darkness has been remained ambiguous and reticent enough to make even intelligent people like our beloved Alphamonkey believe they are a real band, Beatallica makes it quite clear they are fucking around.  The lead singer sounds just like James Hetfield as they bang through clever little Beatles/Metallica fusion songs such as ‘Justice For All My Lovin’ and ‘Hey Dude’.  Crappy website, great music.  (another quality find by Hodgey, inc.)


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  • .alphamonkey.

    Well, at least my favorite ‘joke’ band isn’t fronted by Jim Morrison, sassypants.

    While I know the derision you sling my way regarding my love of The Darkness is mostly due to my regarding The Doors as about as important as say Erasure…Let me at least clarify my position:

    While I will admit that the rock geniuses in The Darkness are playing it mightily tongue in cheek, my stance is that they’re actually good enough to be judged on their own merit beyond their kitsch status.

    You’re just too damn hipster to admit it.

  • Juxtaposed

    just wanted to say…most excellent site…I’ll be back

  • .alphamonkey.

    Awesome, Juxtaposed…..BRING BEER!

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