Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football, Final Fantasy….

by alphamonkey on May 17, 2004 · 0 comments

in Diversions,Sci-Tech

…but Fantasy Stock Market??? Find your niche and fill it, I say!Blogshares:

I came across the above link earlier this afternoon while trying to track down who might be cribbing my oft-imitated humor and patented machine-gun comma attack grammer. (Answer: No one. Google laughed at me and then punched me in the neck for searching for such nonsense…it then mumbled something vaguely anti-Semitic)

It’s a fantasy stock market that uses existing Blogs as substitute companies.  Because there’s nothing I love more than fantasy money (Mmmm…Powerball), I went ahead and registered so that I could at least waste time pretending to be an important stock market wheeler and dealer, as opposed to just pretending to be a terrorist killing war machine (I love you, Rainbow Six!)

So give ‘em a looksee. Maybe if we all band together, we can totally corner the market on whiney, self-important, cry-baby LiveJournal blogs and then buy ‘em out and ship them to overseas warehouses for massive fantasy profit!

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