Joey Ramone was a Republican, Britney Spears is a Democrat

by Harvestor of Bondo on May 28, 2004 · 8 comments

in Miscellany


The masses like to pay lazy people with no jobs. They like big governments with lots of rules and laws. They like to sit idly by while religous freaks fly airplanes into our buildings. They like to go after our president and denounce our troops. They suck.

Republicans are fuckin punk rock man…

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  • Shadow Stalker

    Punk Rock is also the face of Gap, Guess?, and generally the face that corporate America puts on when it goes to high school, so it makes sense that they should shill for their Republican brethren.

  • Anne

    Someone is confused… Johnny was a Republican, not Joey.

  • Connor Linden

    Yeah, believe me. Joey was the least Republican person in the band. If you’ve heard the song “My Brain is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)”, by The Ramones, you’ve heard one of the most cutting-edge hidden message anti-republican songs ever made. Joey had to beg Johnny to play the song. It took him a while until he gave in and decided to. The song is about Ronald Reagan visiting an SS/Nazi memorial (or grave yard… can’t seem to remember) in Bitburg, Germany. That’s not the hidden message, though. When Joey sings the song, he sort of alters the words, “My brain is hanging upside down” and makes it sound like, “Reagan’s hanging upside down”. He was an absolute lyrical genius.

    Please tell me, what is so punk rock about being republican? Sure, there are some few punk republicans, but that’s their choice. The truth is, a majority of punks are either independent or far off to the left. Anarchism is also a fierce value in the punk culture, but is not looked on as a political party.

    I have no idea how old you are, but you just got fried by a 14 year old. You should feel somewhat ashamed. Did you know that it helps to look further into subjects before posting your ideas on the internet? Believe me, I’ve learned this. If you want to take this further, go to my MySpace (above) or search me on Facebook, if you have either. I’d like to hear your arguments toward me.

  • Connor Linden

    Sorry, I meant the link that says Connor Linden. That’s my MySpace… Not above, but below

  • rj

    Britney Spears is not a democrat. She’s given interviews explaining that we should all trust Bush

  • Timothy Horrigan

    Joey Ramone was a Democrat. Johnny Ramone, however, was a Republican.

    Britney, as far anyone knows, was Republican… although maybe not now that she was featured in a McCain attack ad.

  • matt

    Britney said we shud trust our president after 9/11 when BUSH kept playing with the safety levels and played the terrorist attack card. Most ppl who voted bush switched to obama… and judging by some of her liberal values, how fox news and the johnmccains ad insulted her… i think she is a democrat now

  • BAD

    Who cares? Both parties have flowed into the realm of extremism thus discounting their own goals and philosophies.

    Oh and btw, if your basing your political views based on what a musician thinks, your an idiot anyway. Hell, if your basing your political opinion based on what ANYONE else thinks your a zombie. Think for yourself, make informed decisions, get all sides of every story, research, research, research, and don’t let anyone pressure you into a way of thinking. This is your country, your life and your mind.

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