Nick Berg: Casualty of War or Propaganda Tool?

by alphamonkey on May 17, 2004 · 1 comment

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Hell…I dunno. Maybe?After much bruhaha in the news this last week, the ‘Net is awash in rumours of the Nick Berg video being an elaborate, but ultimately clumsy hoax. If you haven’t been paying attention, Nick Berg( link) was an American civillian who was in Iraq looking to drum up contracts for a cell-phone tower business he was running.  He had been picked up by either the Iraqi police or US MPs (depending on whose story you believe) and then released on April 6th, and was (supposedly or not) killed on April 7th.

While not complete in and of itself, this site has a good overview of the “hoax” supporters’ claims.

I’m still mulling the whole thing over, so I can’t decide one way or the other.  Hit that ‘comment’ thingy below and give your take. 

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    His story didn’t sound right to me.  His identity was stolen by the WTC hijackers, which he presumably knew after the fact, then he goes to Iraq trying to build a cellular network?  He suddenly gets worried about being killed after he’s picked up by MPs, worried enough that he tries to leave.

    If you had been unwittingly involved in a terrorist operation, would you then go to a country ruled by warlords associated with said terrorists?  It just doesn’t seem like a rational course of action to me.

    Second, I didn’t want to watch the video, because I didn’t want to see all the blood squirting from his body and dripping from his head, and I didn’t want to see him jerking around trying to fight away from the knife, then twitching after he was dead.  Apparently none of these things happened, which is strange to say the least.

    I guess one question is how did he die?  Was it in the military prison, like the two or three Iraqi prisoners that died mysteriously of blunt force trauma?  Was it a car accident, or did he get caught in the crossfire of a rebel attack?

    Another is who staged it, which will answer why they did.

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