Daler Mehndi: The Greatest Man of All Time

by alphamonkey on June 10, 2004 · 1 comment

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Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, Thomas Jefferson, Galileo, and the guy who invented Jiffy Pop.  Great men indeed, but not as great as:

Daler Mahndi

Daler Mehndi, Punjabi Pop Pasha. We’ve showcased the myriad talents of Mr. Mehndi here on Transbuddha before, but we thought that perhaps too many of you were unfamiliar with his paticular genius.  (It also gives us a chance to point out our Our Favorites category, which will soon be filled with our favorite bits).

Lest anyone think that our love of the Pop Pasha is dripped in the all-too-common irony of our age, let me say that we truly, truly love this guy and his music.  How can anyone not love Punjabi-Arabic Tecnofusion Dance Pop?

And then of course, there are his videos….

Like this one for the song “Tunak Tunak Tun” (Realplayer required). So great is this video, it even spawned a Flash tribute video, which I’ve graciously included here.

So take a moment to enjoy the aural beauty of Daler Mehndi…blessed are we who may bask in his sonic love.

The Punjabi Pasha o' Pop

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{ 1 comment }

1 neena December 3, 2006 at 9:55 am

grin he is the best

i luv the tune tunak tunak tun. it is so gud to dance on.

the animation version was wicked.

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